Fun and Fabulous Food in Alcudia

We have just come back from one of our best holidays yet! I went to Alcudia in Mallorca with my mum and the boys. It’s great because our local airport in Bournemouth is about 10 minutes away which makes travelling a breeze because we don’t have that long trek to the airport. We’ve been picking flights from here and sticking to the resorts which they fly to. In previous years we have loved going to Benalmadina which I have written about in the post 5 Fairy Facts on our hols . This year we really pushed the boat out and went all inclusive which was a first for us.

The flight was fab and I am not the best flyer. I’m OK on the outside but on the inside I am a bag of nerves and can’t wait until its over. I’ve done long hauls and it doesn’t make a jot of difference how long it is, I cant settle and certainly can’t sleep. It makes me so jealous when I see others just get on and snuggle down to have a nap. How does that happen! I wrote a poem out of shere nerves when I came back from Germany entitled My Ode to Him – My Other Half I think it’s easy to see that I was petrified and got all soppy!

Back to this holiday or I’ll fixate on the flying! We got there…perfectly safe and sound of course. We had about an hour on the transfer coach from the airport while we did various drop offs for people at different hotels. I don’t know about you but I often do the ooohhs and aaahhs at others hotels. I either hope that mine is alot better as you emerge out of the bin filled alley that it’s located in – knowing that the picture in the brochure or online probably looked amazing – or think WOW as it stands majestic overlooking the best spot on the strip.

Luckily we were in for a treat and our hotel was every bit as beautiful as I had hoped. We had two apartments next to each other and the balconies were huge. However the actual view from our balcony was even better. Have a look…

Alcudia Mallorca Holiday
The view from our balcony.

When it came to unpacking I was in for a little surprise when I saw that my suncream had decided to leak everywhere. It was a real pain to get off everything and was the worst consistency I could of dreamt of. I wiped off everything that was inside but the bag was ruined.


Alcudia Mallorca Holiday
Eek! Not what I wanted to see!

The food was so good in our hotel. Look at this chocolate fountain, every child and most adults dream! Each night there was a different theme and along with staple favourites there were regional dishes on offer. The boys made the most of everything and ate and drank to their hearts content.

Alcudia Mallorca Holiday

I took so many pictures that my phone was crammed with dishes from each meal. It was all great quality and with the amount of on show cooking that was done you could see that nothing was left hanging around. I must of eaten more in the week than I normally eat in a month.

Alcudia Mallorca Holiday

My youngest came into me at 5 in the morning and said ‘mum mum, you have to see the sunrise outside!’ I got up a bit bleary eyed and this sight greeted me. I was taken back by how beautiful it was and by how it caught the attention of him. With a happy heart I went back to bed for a couple of hours and woke up when the sun was much higher up.

Alcudia Mallorca Holiday

The shows in the evening were very good and ranged from live bands to big productions of well know favourites such a Frozen. Something for everyone and a real family evening.

Alcudia Mallorca Holiday

For me, after a hard day sitting, walking and swimming in the sun, it was time to relax with a cocktail….well I was on holiday after all.

Alcudia Mallorca Holiday

Have you been over to the Alcudia region of Mallorca for a holiday? Where are you heading to this year? I’d love to know any holiday related stories.

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25 thoughts on “Fun and Fabulous Food in Alcudia”

  1. Wow! It sounds like you had a fantastic time. Urgh sorry about your suncream. What a pain in the bum that was. I’m always paranoid about suncream/shampoos etc leaking everywhere. I know what you mean about dropping people off at hotels and hoping yours is as nice. Which hotel did you stay in? It looks and sounds brilliant. I have never been to Alcudia but I’d love to one day. #TriumphantTales

  2. Beautiful views from your room! I like how it was the 5 year old that woke you to see the sunrise and well done on getting to go back to bed. All inclusive looks totally worth it when you get a chocolate fountain! Glad you had a good holiday ?

    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬
    Karen TwoTinyHands recently posted…Rain Rain Go Away #FamilyFunLinkyMy Profile

  3. Ohh wow looks like you had a fab time, such a shame about the sun cream leaking though. I’m the same with flying too, not so keen on it! Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

  4. oh wow that looks amazing, and that sunset!!! I once spilt all my aftersun in my hand luggage and I burn so easy so it was awful to go without!!
    Im so jealous there was a chocolate fountain, i think id dip my head right in hahaha!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

    1. Thank you, it was pretty hard to resist sticking my hand in the chocolate fountain…just to see what it felt like!;)

  5. I am so jealous! Obviously not for the suncream explosion in your bag! The food looks great and sounds like you had a great time! Do you think you can hide me in your case next time your on holiday?

    Thank you for linking up with #TheMumDiaries

  6. What a beautiful place. I want some of that chocolate fountain now, yum! I always pack bottles in a plastic bag just in case, that happened to me once too. When the entertainment is good it makes the holiday doesn’t it? Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot ?
    Imperfect Mum recently posted…#PointShoot Week #26My Profile

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