My ode to him…My other half

I wrote this poem to the ‘other half’ as we were on a flight recently to Munich to attend a wedding.

If you had read my previous post here about my fear of flying then you’d know how I was getting into a bit of a state. I had so many great and supportive comments on that post, it really did help. Thanks very much:) My ode to him – my other half was born out of fear and love very high up.

I’m not normally the soppy sort but the way that the other half handled my quietness and obvious anxiety was really touching. The hormones must of been raging because at how ever many thousands of feet up on the airbus 319 I found myself expressing my thoughts to him in a poem.


There is no agenda

There is no pretence

We’re together because we want to be,

Together even when I’m tense.


Like now

As we take off

Like now

As I try to hold it down.


He sits here, peaceful, majestic

Not a worry, not a frown.


I love my man to Munich and back

I love him because I can,

He makes it easy to be with him

 He makes me so very calm.


Like now

As he strokes me,

Like now

Gently on my arm.


So, thank you sweetie for being you,

Thank you for ‘us’ too.

You’ve made this trip just fly by

Through doing what you do.


This last parts so very easy babe….

Nothing more to say 

As we alight this huge great craft

‘I love you more each day’




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37 thoughts on “My ode to him…My other half”

  1. Hmm….saw the word flying, poked fingers in ears and shouted ‘la la la’ with my eyes shut…… Then read the poem and thought wow…well written and your partner must feel really proud to be with you if you can write such wonderful prose about how you feel…brilliant ?

    1. Hey Gary, thanks for your comments, really pleased you liked it and it came across ok. I think my partner feels embarrassedly proud, which I’m not sure is an actual word but I’m pretty confident is a feeling!!:)

  2. Aww this is lovely. I hope he has read this. He sounds so supportive, as flying is a bit scary. I hope you have lots of lovely trips together and lots of time together. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x
    Sarah Howe recently posted…Best and Worst Week #49My Profile

    1. Thank you Sarah:) Yeah he’s read it and I think he was surprised what was going through my head at the time. As far as he was concerned he was just there! Thats the way he is:)

  3. What a lovely poem, and tribute to your other half. I am sure he was touched. He is obviously a huge support, through such an activity which is clearly so challenging for you. Hope it made the flight easier and it sounds like it did #Prose4T

    1. Thank you for your comment:) yes he did really help, I was so glad he was right there.

    1. Thank you so much Tracey, coming from you thats high praise, you’re an excellent writer thanks:)

  4. aww beautiful and im pleased you got through the flight ok! I used to write a diary when I had to fly a lot between the UK and Germany. it def helped keep my mind focused #KCACOLS

    1. Yeah it was ok and I remember chatting with you on twitter on my coach ride home which was lovely!! x

  5. Absolutely marvelous (:
    Isn’t it the best feeling to be overcome with love? Your partner sounds like an absolutely wonderful man <3 So happy he was able to comfort you in your time of distress. My husband is definitely my calm in the storm. #KCACOLS
    Savannah recently posted…Deliciously Vegan Carrot DogsMy Profile

    1. Thank you, yes it needed to be done as do a lot of trips and I love it when I’m there. He’s a star. Thank you for your comments X

  6. Just Beautiful! I am certainly no poet, but I do enjoy reading them! It’s so great that he supported you just by being him… I hope you both had a fantastic time away in Munich! 🙂 xxx

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