Five Fairy Facts On Our Hols

We’ve come away on our hols to have a little break… youngest boy G who’s 7 is now so grown up that when he’s trying to be deadly serious and explain anything, he now has to end these sentences with “true fact”! rather triumphantly. So, in great G fashion

True Fact Number 1:

I’m an awful mother as I’ve taken my boys out of school for three days during term time. I must be awful because a headmaster being interviewed on  Good Morning Britain said I was. Piers Morgan told him he was barking and Suzanna Reid tried to edge her knee away from Piers’s  wandering hand placements. The only giveaway sign bieng Piers’s wink of the eye in the headmasters direction. With all that going on I’m not too sure I’m that bad.

True Fact Number 2

We arrived in the beautifully hot country of Spain, yippie. We always have a week in May away and another longer time in the summer with a different theme. Our hotel is amazing, it’s our 3rd year running here. People might raise an adventurous eyebrow and think why oh why would you do that. Easy peasy, because it works! The hotel is great, there is the beach, there are pools, the hotel is spotless and there is a free drop-in kids club ALL DAY!

Five Fairy Facts on our Holidays

True Fact Number 3

Yesterday we had our first proper motor boat experience around Malaga Marina and out on the open sea. I’m not a fan of boats but I went with the consensus and swallowed hard and skipped aboard with a beating heart and bile rising. To my surprise it was great! Photos taken with me  with the captains hat on, sneaky little drinkies and the wind in my hair and I was right in the spirit of things. The boys were WELL BEHAVED so it was great. Actually I think rewind to the sneaky little drinkies, add 30 degrees hot sun, stir in the fact it was daytime drinking = the boys ‘appeared’ WELL BEHAVED!

Five Fairy Facts on our Holidays
True Fact Number 4

I get to practice my very rusty Spanish which I love to do. In a time and place long ago – ok not that long ago but long enough – I spoke it every day in South America for a couple of years. That’s not the case now. Now it’s on my hols or with Spanish speaking people who I randomly come into contact with through work or play in England. I have to force my very colloquial accented Spanish on people here and when they reply in English I have to insist that I torture them into listening to me as I need the practice.

Five Fairy Facts on our Holidays
True Fact Number 5

This is the best true fact and it’s that all of this holiday is also spent with my mum. Every year since my boys have been born we’ve had a weeks holiday abroad with mum. It’s amazing and we all love it. The best and most important person to remember to pack as far as we are concerned is nanny! That’s one of the reasons why this hotel has been perfect for the last 3 years. The personal service of a complimentary car (no, we’re not loaded) that will pop mum and us down to the beach and pick us up so there isn’t too much walking involved. Everything’s on one level. She and us are taken care of and the boys get to splash around in the pool with their nan. Mum wouldn’t fly on her own now and I don’t blame her, so she gets to keep travelling and more than that, we get the pleasure of travelling with her. She has the patience of a saint and the boys wouldn’t think of playing her up anyway. The boys can’t imagine spain without nanny and nor could I.

Five Fairy Facts on our Holidays
This is what makes us happy…..True Fact!


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15 thoughts on “Five Fairy Facts On Our Hols”

    1. Oh lovely, it’s so nice to feel the sun on our faces, we’re still here for two more days and it’s scorching!:) thanks for your comment, good luck with holiday hunting X

  1. Lovely holiday it sounds. Great that you get to pack your mum and that the littles enjoy her so much. A drop in kids club sounds ideal too’! No wonder you go back to the same place each year! Thanks for linking to #abrandnewday
    Karen recently posted…Building a Bug ParadiseMy Profile

    1. Thanks Pam, oh you’d love it, so laid back there, it’s great. Thanks for your comment X

  2. We love Spain! This looks like a great resort and while we tend to stay in a villa I’m all for doing whatever makes it easy for EVERYONE to have a break and enjoy the holiday! So lovely that you take your Mum with you too. Thanks for sharing and joining us at #sharethejoy (it would be awesome if you could include our badge or a link back to us – thank you!)

  3. Ahh sounds like a lovely holiday and I love the fact that your boy ends everything that is true wth “true fact!” So cute.

    The hotel looks lovely I don’t blame you for going to the same place either. How lovely that your mum comes along too!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #OurFaveFive I am so pleased you have linked up for the first time and hope to see you again next month xx
    Maria recently posted…How to remove nail polish from carpetMy Profile

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