Naipo Massagers Review and Giveaway

Naipo Massagers Review and Giveaway
Two great products and a fab freebie in my Naipo Massagers Review and Giveaway

After a long day in our house there are many times when we are aching and seeing who can get in their requests to the other one to rub shoulders, feet or backs. Even the boys with their hectic sports and playing have times when they pull muscles and are feeling the effects of not stopping.

My big treat once in a while is to go for a massage, it’s not cheap and only booked occasionally but I love it, there is nothing better than having that time that the phone is off, music is on and someone else is looking after me.

Of course that isn’t the normal day to day routine so I have got two products to show you that can help out! I was asked to have a look and see what I thought of these two handy massagers and I love being able to tell you what I think.

Naipo Cordless Handheld Massager

Naipo Massagers Review and Giveaway

This Naipo cordless massager is rechargable and has 5 speed levels so that you can choose what is right for you. Sometimes the top speed can be a little intense if you want a light massage so it is great that you have the choice of what you need.

Naipo Massagers Review and GiveawayI found that it charges quickly and being cordless it isn’t clumsy in taking anywhere around the house and you don’t have those trailing cords which I find so annoying. For those people that go away on activity holidays it’s ideal. This year we did exactly that with all the children. It was amazing but exhausting and I wish that I had this then because it would of been ideal! There are interchangable heads which can be used depending on the level and type of massage you require at the time.

This normally retails here at £34.99 I have for you lucky readers a promotion code for a whopping 20% off. Just use at checkout by popping in the code: NQEZ4UA3 and you will have 20% deducted from your purchase.

Naipo Neck Pillow Massager

Naipo Massagers Review and Giveaway

The Naipo Neck Pillow Massager is a small, easy to transport heat massager that can be used at any time of the day. You can easily take this to work and use without it having any impact. I sit a desk for some of my work day and I’m sure that my posture isn’t the best and it adds to all sorts of tweeks and shoulder pain. With this being so portable I can use this at work with little impact on what I am doing.

Studies into stress suggest the meaningful, positive results achieved by using massage. It’s not just the relief of tight and painful muscles across our body but also the mental relaxation we can find when we are looking after ourselves. It’s good to take the time sometimes and not just look at our ‘to do’ lists and plough on regardless.

Eat well, look after ourselves and take the steps needed to maintain being healthy are all factors I think add to reducing the negative effects of being so busy. Ordering online takes a massive weight off of my shoulders and that’s another benefit of ordering these massagers for me.

So here’s what you can expect to have when it arrives; 1 x Pillow massager 1 x Wall Adapter 1 x Car Adapter plus a user manual

Another 20% discount code is available and can be used for this neat little massager. Use code: MMB2BWIQ at the checkout which will discount off the normal RRP of £27.99.

You can visit the team at their facebook page where they have so much information on well being, it’s a great resource. Bumper Giveaways Christmas Gift Guide – Part 3Naipo Care

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I also my have my christmas giveaway running which you can see here.

I was kindly given my products here for the purpose of an honest review.

49 thoughts on “Naipo Massagers Review and Giveaway”

  1. I am always stressed so constantly have knows in my neck and shoulders so hopefully this gadget will help to loosen them x

  2. This would be a friend. I get aches from commuting to/from work by bike, especially in the cold because I tense up. This would really help me unwind and loosen up

  3. I have Ms, so any pain relief is soooo good! It would be nice to share with my partner too, we could pretend to be in a SPA

  4. I have the worst posture in the world so often get aches, pains and muscle tightness….this will help me as my partner NEVER gives me a massage! So with this, I could do it myself!

  5. This would help my son and I greatly in between physiotherapy sessions for soft tissue damage after whiplash after a car crash where someone went into the side of us.

  6. I would love to try this. I made a mistake and clicked enter when entering my twitter name. So it’s the wrong name but I have followed. It’s @hutton_jess xx

  7. My Hubby has degenerative disc disease so I am always trying to relieve the pain in his neck & back with normal massage but this would make things so much easier.

  8. I suffer with chronic pain in my neck and back and have had to take early retirement. I would use the hand held massager to relieve some of the tension in the muscles of my neck, shoulders and back

  9. AS an undertake I spend so much of my either carrying heaving coffins into churches and crematoriums or moving and lifting deceased. My back can be very achy in an evening when I get home so this would help out so much.

    My husband is also in the infantry in the British Army and he also carries a lot of weight around on exercise, so I’m sure I would find at times that he had stolen it for me.

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