Free Pallet Patio Garden

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Fancy growing your own fruit and veg? I thought the same and am now managing just that! Here’s how to build your own free pallet patio garden.

Last year I had a new patio and it’s a great area to sit out in as it captures a lot of sun.  The boys use our garden to play football and I learnt the hard way that football and plant borders don’t mix well! I actually get upset when I see the ball thud into the plants and race over to see whats happened. The boys then scurry away waiting to see if yet another tomato plant has bitten the dust.

So when the patio was laid I started thinking of ways that I could enjoy growing some fruit and vegetables on the patio.

I wanted a way to use recycled products and make something that really made the most of the small compact space we had.

Here’s a step by step guide to how I made this brilliant pallet patio garden out of mainly recycled bits and bobs, for free!

Free Pallet Patio Garden
Our blank canvas!
Free Pallet Patio Garden

We put a base down so that the structure wouldnt sit directly on the slabs and cause too much discolouration.

Free Pallet Patio Garden

Here is my other half fixing a free pallet that we picked up onto the back of the crate used to deliver the patio slabs in. If you can get hold of more pallets then use them to make a crate. You can find them on free sites or even in skips.

Free Pallet Patio Garden

We had some weed suppressor mat in the shed and if you havent got anything like that hanging around then they are easy to pick up very cheaply. I just wanted something lining the inside that would help with keeping the pots contained and not having the water running straight out onto the ground.

Free Pallet Patio Garden
The you are all ready to go and start putting in the pots that you wish to have there. What I found useful was that on the sunny days I can move the pots onto the top of the back pallet and they can make use of the sunshine. When it’s a windy day they can nestle back into the base and be a bit more protected.

free pallet patio garden

You can see by these photos how the plants are coming along. The potatoes are growing well and the carrots on the right hand side in the base are showing nicely. I’ve planted onions next to them as apparently they fend off one of the mites that would eat the carrot tops.

free pallet patio garden

Come back soon for an update and more than likely a recipe made out of some of the home grown veg. It will be great to see you again.

Have you got any tips on growing veg in small spaces? You might be a seasoned pro or just starting out. I’d love to hear.

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32 thoughts on “Free Pallet Patio Garden”

  1. oooo I love this! We’ve got a backyard, but no grass or anything. This would be perfect! I weirdly had a dream about growing things last night! It’s a sign! #familyfunlinky

    1. Thanks, it’s certainly been an adventure with these plants, it’s going well so far, just need some more sun to ripen up the tomatoes ?

  2. You know I’ve always wanted to grow my own veg but always used the excuse that I’ll wait till the kids are older and I can devote enough time to sorting out a patch of the garden where I can do it properly. I really don’t have to wait though, this is a fab idea and something I could probably manage now! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun
    Tammymum recently posted…Tips For Creating A Child Friendly Summer GardenMy Profile

    1. Eek I know the feeling. I’ve got a football net across the whole width of the garden now which helps loads 🙂

  3. What a fantastic idea! I don’t suppose you want to write a summary post of this idea on my guest post series about using our gardens more, this would be perfect! #KCACOLS

  4. This is a great idea! I actually have a pallet that I could use…..ummmmm. I was thinking of some kind of plant shelf thingy but this is a really good idea. We used old scafoldingboards for our raised veggie beds which have worked well. I have 10 boys over on Friday and am dreading the football games as I have lots of gladioli growing beautifully…I may just cut them and have them in the house!
    Thank you so much for linking to #MyGloriousGardens.
    I will round up next week so watch out for the round up post!
    Oldhouseintheshires recently posted…#My Glorious Gardens: Painswick Rococo Gardens.My Profile

    1. Thank you!:) oh the football is our worst enemy! My two footie mad boys are used to hearing me bellow about the plants. I now have a huge football net and that helps:)

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