The Silence

I have had a sore throat for a few weeks now and have just seen a consultant for it. He thinks that it is a swollen windpipe and suggested a steroid injection would ease it. The thought of having an injection into my neck gave me a small meltdown so I asked if there was anything we could try first. He said that I should not speak at all for at least 2 days and we would see how that went.

I am determined to give this the best shot I can so I can avoid anything invasive. The thing is, like most of us, how on earth am I going to do the 101 things that I normally do…..without speaking!

The kids, my business, talking to everyone I work with to get things done, other mums on the way in and out of school….oh goodness this is going to be tough.

It starts sooner than expected as my other half and the kids – ‘M’ and ‘G’ come and pick me up from my appointment and come bounding into the clinic. I thought I’d put the initial thoughts and the plan we came up with into a poem. I hope you enjoy it.


Mum mum what did they do

Mum mum, please tell us

Mum mum what’s wrong with you

Mum mum we won’t make a fuss


Oh my loves if only I could

I shake my head and mime

I point to my mouth like I should

And am careful to take my time


Oh boys please understand me

Oh boys when I try and say

Please little ones try and see

I can’t speak – at all – for today


We get in the car and I have a plan

It’s simple and to the point

Boys video yourselves, like I know you can

Shout your name – on your own – not joint


Thats right my clever boys

You know what to do

say it loud, make some noise

shoot the clip on my phone,  right through


Then, if I need you I’ll  press play

You’ll hear it wherever you are

and to me you’ll come without delay

To me, if near or far



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24 thoughts on “The Silence”

  1. Lovely poem. The thought of not speaking for two whole days fills me with dread! As a teacher, I always get throat issues at the start of each term after resting my big mouth during the holidays, but nothing as severe as this.
    Potty Adventures

    1. Thank you, I’m on day two today and if I see improvement then great, fingers crossed:) thanks for your comment

    1. Yes its amazing how some posts just fly onto the page without knowing it would happen. It’s what I love about blogging too. Thanks for your comments, Mainy x

  2. Great poem – I’ve written one today too; must be something in the water! Having a throat that’s sore is so horrible; I really hope you get better soon and wishing you all the willpower/luck in the world with the silence!! #fabfridaypost

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. MAINY! You poor thing!!! I am so, so SORRY you are having to go through that. You are one tough cookie, because if a doctor told me I needed to get a shot in my NECK?!? Pretty sure I’d turn into a two year old and throw a temper tantrum.

    You must have been in some extreme pain to put up with a shot in your NECK. I just cannot get over that. Gaaaah. Mainy, I am praying the shot works and you are feeling like a million bucks in no time.

    Also, I wanted to thank you so much for your comment on my post from last week. I JUST now managed to reply to it. Ugh. My time management skills need some serious work.?

    I am signing up for your blog. I’m loving your writing!

    Sending healing energy your way, lovely lady.
    Katie Jenkins recently posted…8 Ridiculously Effective Ways to Get Fit On a Tight BudgetMy Profile

    1. I think there is something to be said for having a break from talking. Its really soothing:) Thanks for your comments x

  4. Hope that as you read this the recommended Therapy worked. Otherwise I would write down on a huge poster card. I cant Speak- Doctor’s Orders 🙂

    Thanks for sharing at the Pit Stop..Get well soon!

  5. What a fantastic rhyme!!!Very clever, that must be so difficult I am talking non stop to my son and I think he would meltdown so I think you have to be very strong not to talk!!Fingers crossed the rest will fix it up xxx #stayclassymama xx

  6. Gosh, the reality of not actually speaking for 2 days must have been pretty tough. You conveyed it brilliantly in your poem. I hope you got a few extra hugs from your boys to make up for it and that you’re on the mend. #prose4T

  7. Sometimes I just don’t talk because I can’t actually think up any more answers to the multitude of silly questions my two pose but if I was actually not allowed to speak I’m not sure I could manage it 🙂

  8. Lovely poem hun. I remember having a really bad throat a while back and not being able to talk. It’s quite difficult to cope when you’ve got little ones (or bigger ones) chasing you and asking for things. Hope it eases up for you soon. x
    Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo.

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