What Distinguishes Engagement Rings From Wedding Rings

What Distinguishes Engagement Rings From Wedding Rings

What Distinguishes Engagement Rings From Wedding Rings



Rings have long been an important symbol in the wedding culture. However, it’s not uncommon for the engagement and wedding rings to get mixed up or misunderstood. In fact, you can say that both terms are almost interchangeable in the modern culture.


This leaves us to ask, is there really a big difference between the two? If so, what are they? Do I even need to have an engagement and a wedding ring?

This article seeks to answer all of those important questions to gain some clarity on the matter. Nonetheless, there are so many choices for bespoke diamond rings online and in store now. It’s never been easier to buy any ring that fits the desires of your partner, especially if it’s custom made.



Firstly, let’s look at engagement rings. These are given at the time when someone asks the other person to marry them. Back in the day, women were given these rings and were meant to wear them from that moment to tell others she was now unavailable.

Of course, an engagement ring can take any shape, form or style. However, they have typically come to be known as having diamond or precious gemstones in. They also usually come with a beautiful band that may have engravings on it.



Now, wedding rings on the other hand are swapped between both parties during the actual wedding ceremony. You will often find that style-wise, they tend to be much simpler than the engagement ring and are placed on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is the main similarity, that both rings for the bride are placed on the same finger.

As you can see then, the engagement ring and the wedding ring are given at two different times and usually look different aesthetically. Do they also carry different meanings?

How the meanings behind wedding and engagement rings differ.

Engagement rings have been in the business for centuries and signified an exchange in ‘ownership’ from the father to the new husband. The ring would have been valuable however they developed in detail and grandeur as the years went by. This was mainly to signify the wealth of a man and make him more desirable to the woman and her family.

Therefore, it was as though to say the man was financially marrying the woman’s entire family with the engagement ring. It was a huge commitment not only to them as a couple but to the bigger picture. So, there was a lot of status attached to an engagement ring. Whilst these notions are clearly outdated, the sentiment of ‘giving the hand away in marriage’ still lives on.

So, even though there is a lot of importance with the wedding ring, it should never overshadow the engagement ring. With its simplistic design, the engagement ring still shines.

What are your thoughts on rings and do you wear a ring?

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How To Take Care Of Your Daughter’s Prom Dress

How To Take Care Of Your Daughter’s Prom Dress

How To Take Care Of Your Daughter’s Prom Dress

While prom may not be a big deal to some, it’s a very important milestone in your teenage daughter’s life. Of course, she will pick out a dress she adores and wants to last for years to come, whether as a special memory of prom or to wear to other events. So, how can you take care of her new prom dress?


When the new dress arrives home, make sure it has room to breathe. Nothing should rub on the dress so as to prevent wrinkles. If the dress does incur wrinkles, get them out before prom. Most dress retailers will offer a final steam the day before prom, but if not, take the dress to a dry cleaner to be pressed. Alternatively, place the dress on a hanger on the back of your bathroom door. Turn the hot water on in the shower, close the door, and leave the dress to steam for around 15 minutes to remove wrinkles.


Whether she’s gone for a short flirty dress or one of the classy white prom dresses in 2018 at Peaches Boutique, it ought to be dry cleaned before storing it. Stains may happen, and they will ruin the dress. The longer you wait to get rid of a stain, the longer it has to soak in and do permanent damage to the dress. After prom, have the dress dry cleaned before storing it.

Formal dresses should be stored in a cool, dry place that is dry and not hot. Try to avoid storing the dress anywhere with tons of natural sunlight, too, as it can cause severe discolouring to the dress with time.

Remember to check on the dress often to make sure it’s not being damaged. An ideal storage place is on the top shelf of a wardrobe. Lay the dress flat within a garment bag or sealed box. Don’t store a special dress in places like storage units, basements, or attics.


Stains are just the pits and must be treated immediately. The first step is to identify the stain so as to remove it accordingly:

  • Grease – Wash the dress in warm water and place the stain on paper towels. Rub dry using a pre-treatment liquid spray. After, was in warm water and hang the dress up to dry.
  • Makeup – Dampen the stain with a warm towel and lightly press a liquid detergent or colour-safe bleach into it. Finally, wash the dress in warm water and hang up to dry.
  • Sweat – Gently rub a damp bar of soap on the stained are and apply a liquid detergent to the sweat stain. Wash it and hang to dry.
  • Outdoor stains and grass – Use alcohol to wipe off the dress and apply a colour-safe chlorine bleach to rub the remaining stain.

If the stain is really bad, take the dress to a professional for spot cleaning.

Use these tips to ensure your daughter’s new prom dress remains as good as new, both before and after prom night.

This is a collaborative post

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5 Hot Summer Accessories

Here we are again, Summertime is once again shining down on us. So what else could I do but share my 5 Hot Summer Accessories with you.

Summer Music

1. Now my first gem on the list is a song and oh boy what a summer song this is. Can it be an accessory I hear you cry, oh yes! This will be with you throughout the summer and beyond. Before you do anything else, put this on full volume and enjoy, this is a treat for you.


2. Second up is sunglasses, for me they are like handbags and shoes, you can never have too many.

So far I have bought 2 pairs to kick me off into the dazzling sunshine. I will now live in them. My top tip is to get ones with moulded nose rests instead of the ones with the little bit of plastic. I’ve got long hair and I find that they can catch in my hair if I’ve had them sitting on top of my head acting as a hair band. When I try to put them back on it can produce a couple of seconds of tugging at my caught hair, not a super classy summer look!

I’m loving mirror glasses this year, here are mine, not with moulded nose rests but beauties and I just have to be careful and suffer for fashion:)


Wedge Sandals

3. Wedge Shoes are something I must have in summer. Each year I start looking around to see which stores are going to get them in the shelves first. A maxi dress and wedges are a summer evenings perfect outfit. I have also seen over on the lifestyle blogger uk about skin care ideas for the summer so that we don’t miss out on pampering our skin too.

Hot summer accessories
Hot summer accessories
House of Fraser


Oversized Beach Bags

4.  As a mum I cannot applaud the oversized beach bags enough. I love to have a bag that holds the lot. A beach bag was on my birthday list this year and the boys along with my OH presented me with an amazing bag that I’m thrilled with. I don’t want to still have phone, keys and purse in one hand a towel over my shoulder with the kids holding a carrier bag between them! Oh I’ve done it in the past but now the beach bag can take over and take control! I took the bag on holiday to Alcudia this year which you can see in Fun and Fabulous Food in Alcudia.

Maxi Dress

5. I couldn’t have a summer post without the maxi dress and it’s still a must have summer item. I find it the most forgiving of dresses around. Lumps and bumps disappear – fact! If you’re brave you go for the no straps elastic version around the bust. I say brave because with two young boys, trying to get everything sorted and responding to all sorts of mummy jobs I’m not prepared to take the risk! So, for me it’s thin straps for maximum tan factor. For the days it’s cool and practical and jazzed up for the evening with wedges, bangles and a floaty scarf, you will look a dream.

5 hot summer accessories
5 hot summer accessories


Hope you enjoyed my pics and you are feeling the summer vibe with the song. Here’s to a great and peaceful summer.

How do you prepare for Summer? Have you been up into the loft to get down all your summer gear or do you splash out and go wild? I’d love to hear.


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