Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway

Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway

It’s not long until the boys go back to school and we have started to have a look at where we are going to hang all the shirts, jumpers and his new suit. Starting the senior year is a big event and we are all very excited. As the boys are getting older they are having more and more clothes between them and its all taking up so much space.

So, when Songmics offered us the chance to take a look at their Amazon storeΒ we were delighted to have the chance to browse. There is so much that they sell and we were so pleased to see this massive double wardrobeΒ which we knew was just what we needed.

A huge bonus for you today is that I have a double wardrobe to giveaway! It’s such a super prize and so generous of Songmics. I’m over the moon to be able to offer this to you. The rafflecopter entry form is further down the post.

Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway

My eldest son wanted to be in charge of putting together the wardrobe as it was for his room and I was pleased to let him! For once it was great to see clear instructions of how to put it together and what was even better was that all the pieces were there and labeled correctly. It was such a good start!

Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway

I left him to it and within 10 minutes look what he had done. He made a great start and there was a calm in the room that I was pleased to see. It helps that everything is in order and packed well.

Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway

Bit by bit he built it up and the wardrobe was starting to take shape.

Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway

Look at this, no bendy or wobbly bits, it’s perfect for the space too.

Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway

The structure is really sturdy and you can see and feel that it will stay together very well. There are two hanging spaces either side of a central shelving unit.

Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway

Once the inside of it is all put together then it was time to put the non woven fabric cover over it. That is a bit more of a two person job but still really quick.

Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway

The front covers are in three parts and roll up when you need them to and they have zippers so that you can close it up. There is plenty of space in it and as it carries a load of 5kg on the shelves and 15kg for the hanging space it will suit us down to the ground.

Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway

Please pop over to the songmics facebook page and give them a like, you can also click on the in the competition below. good luck everyone and thanks again for joining me, it means alot that you have enjoyed the post so please do let me know what you think!

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Disclaimer: I was given a this double wardrobe for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and written views are my own. I would also like to thank Songmics for supplying the prize for the giveaway

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106 thoughts on “Songmics Double Canvas Wardrobe Review and Giveaway”

  1. I think this would make a perfect wardrobe for a guest bedroom, and guests would be delighted to have their own space too.

  2. We need to do some work in our bedroom so would use it temporarily in our conservatory. After that I would give it to my son who has moved back in home & doesn’t have a wardbrobe or room for a big one in his bedroom.

  3. We don’t have an ounce of spare wardrobe space so this would be great to keep in the guest room with spare towels and toiletries so guests won’t have to dress from a stuffed suitcase.

  4. this would be perfect for my girls bedroom, my 5 year old has her own room and my 9mnt old is due to join her in the room in a few weeks, as we are currently redecorating, theres only one wardrobe in there, and poor baba no 2 has had to have all her nice clothes in my draws in my bedroom. this would mean my girls would get some room each

  5. We moved into our new home over a year ago & we are still without wardrobes; currently our clothes are in Ikea bags & plastic boxes. Would really really love to win this……

  6. How bizarre I have just had to throw my old canvas wardrobe out after having it for years so this would be an ideal replacenment for me x

  7. Id use it in my daughters room to store all the things she left behind when she moved our. Am betting theres stuff she wants now that she left in the heap on the floor. Lol

  8. in the attic – we have a huge attic and it would be idea for string winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter

  9. This is a great wardrobe! My eldest daughter is a cosplayer so has so many costumes and outfits that we have run out of room. This would be brilliant in the spare bedroom for her.

  10. I’d use this in my youngest sons bedroom. We’ve just got rid of his old one which was a baby wardrobe and now he has nowhere to put his clothes!

  11. I would give this to my son to house his girlfriend’s clothes, she has loads! They both live with us, and the single wardrobe in his bedroom is nowhere near large enough to house both his and her clothes.

  12. We’re looking to move house, so this would go in my eldest son’s bedroom – Harry’s nearly 11 & getting a bit more ‘clothes conscious’ lol! Thanks for the chance xx

  13. In my little boys room. He’s due in 4 weeks and this would be great for all his clothes I am currently washing ready

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