Fairy Lanterns Review

We came across this gorgeous tutorial by Nichola Battilana. She makes these lanterns like we’ve never seen before. With clear instructions we can’t think of a nicer step by step guide to be creative for an afternoon.

Nichola does have a point when she says to not copy these for commercial use, its not permitted but she does encourage people to make them for friends and family.

Be inspired and then be unique!

Check out her blog at http://blog.pixiehill.com/ we found some really cute ideas there.

Remember, we don’t advertise or affiliate and our reviews are independent, if we love or loath we let you know:)

Welcome!! We’re live today

Thank you so much for joining us on our launch day. We are so excited at myrealfairy.com that this day has finally arrived. From the initial thought quite a few years ago about a way to connect with people through a slightly different way than normal, to now, having this blog ready to share is a dream come true.

Please enjoy the site, participate, if you wish and most of all relax, look around and we hope you like what you see….


Simonet – Pure Black

Beautiful scenes, perfect for our mystical mood here at myrealfairy.com headquarters, what do you think?

Proving that monochrome is anything but dull, Germany-based photoblogger J.R. shares striking black-and-white shots of landscapes, people, and street scenes.


Hello world!

Welcome to myrealfairy.com, we are going to be discussing, reviewing and sharing all our views on the latest fairy designs out there in the big wide world. Our lifestyle blog will be your place to read, share and immerse yourself in fun, relaxing themes with a fairy twist.

Here at fairy HQ we have hundreds of ideas of how to sprinkle our fairy magic.

to search out the magical, spiritual and novel new ways to connect with that side of us we dont often break free with.learning to take things a bit easier and cut off from the hustle and bustle for a few minutes…we’re glad you’re here to do just that, with us:)

There will even be our very own Tarot readings where you can tap into the more spiritual side of yourself…. more to come on that soon.