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We’d heard alot about Center Parcs through friends but each time we’d had a look it had been just too expensive through the summer holidays. Luckily with the boys school they go back a week later than most and the price had dropped loads so we decided to give it a go.

Day 1: The journey there was pretty quick, only taking us just over an hour. We parked up the car and headed off to get our cycles. I haven’t ridden for years and even when I did have a bike I really didn’t enjoy riding. I had one when I lived abroad and my house was at the top of a hill and it was torturous riding home, it really put me off since. But…and this is the great part….I managed to hire an electric bike at Center Parcs. Omg it’s my new best friend.  I could – not definitely – but could be tempted to looking into one for home. Anyway, for there it was amazing and gave me a chance to explore with the kids, feeling happy and at ease with the bike. So, we got to grips with the bikes and cycled the 20 mins or so to our accommodation which we found without too much trouble. I have a habit , which I don’t know is good or bad but when I go on holiday I sometimes shut off whole aspects of wanting to take charge. I let my OH sort directions and what we are doing as I can’t face being the decision maker while I’m on holiday. I’m pretty much in control within my job and am normally that way at home so I love shutting off and taking a complete step back. The accommodation was great, it doesnt really look it from the outside but it was new, comfy and warm.

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Day 2: Saw rabbits jumping around outside the lodge. Full fried brekkie which I’m sure still seems alien to my OH, his normal german breakfast is pretty far removed from mine at the best of times. We then went on a treasure trail as a family activity on the bikes, great fun hunting for the clues which led to different boards with letters on them. The boys were good but kept having little arguments over nothing which got a bit frustrating. They are like moths to a flame the pair of them, they can’t bear to be apart, but when they are together they are constantly bickering. We saw another family that we knew and when I said hi what a great time we were all having it quickly fell into hearing that her kids had been doing exactly the same! It always gives me reassurance that we are not alone when I see it happening with other families who normally look as if they have got it sussed. Swimming was enjoyed by all of us and the water slides rounded off the day. I went down the rapids which were very good, choppy and thrilling, another thing I loved there.

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Day 3: And I started to feel the effects of all the biking, exercise and water slides – feeling battered and really tired. We had pottery painting which we had pre booked and had a lovely large table to spread out on and let our creative flair go wild! It was a really relaxing activity, we all settled into a comfortable silence painting away for a good half hour before little G started to get fidgety. As he was painting his train the lady there came across and said that it was the first train in their new range and she would give it to him for free! That was a real bonus as each piece we picked were between £15-£17 each. After that we were starving so we treated ourselves to lunch in the pancake house where we refueled before heading back to the lodge for an hour of den building while the OH went and had a bit of quiet time walking through the Red Woods. Early evening saw us back down at the pool and this time big M was allowed to go down the rapids with the OH and I in turn. He was chuffed to bits as he was desperate to go on them and I’d been a bit nervous about it until I’d done it myself to check it out. He was fine and I loved going down them together with him.

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Day 4: saw us having a lazy morning and another big breakfast followed by a bike ride down to the beach area they have on site. We had brought with us a set of Boules which we played in the sun. It got very competitive and in mummy style I fought until I won!  The boys then had a quick play in the park and went back to our lodge to finish off the den. We were all back at the water park later to finish the holiday with more slides and rapids.

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All in all a great holiday for us…..glad to get home aswell for the rest:)

Have you tried any of the holiday parks around, did it go well? I’d love to hear about them, you can share some of your best…or worst in the comments.

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34 thoughts on “myrealfairy does….Center Parcs – Longleat Forest”

  1. I’ve only done centre parks with adults before and I really would love to go again with my kids one day. I think I will wait until the are older though. Well done on all the cycling, I am a keen cycler so always chuffed when others give it a go! THanks for linking up to #FamilyFun

    1. Thank you Karen, when I see the walking and cycling you do then it puts me to shame;) but the electric bike is something that I think is an amazing idea to get people like me back on the saddle:) thanks for your lovely comments, mainy

  2. I LOVE centre parcs longleat. The pool there is amazing and my fav thing. You guys had a very busy week and got lots in. I love a good bike ride too, glad you enjoyed it, next stop one for the home eh… It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it when you’re not cycling round the beautiful forest of longleat eh. Glad you all had such a lovely holiday. Thanks for sharing it with us #familyfun. Hope to see you can next week xx

  3. We went to the Nottingham Centre Parcs this summer and it was fab. But I too came back exhausted! It was a bit choc-a-bloc for me to be honest but we went with my brother and his family and it felt like we had back to back activities. I’d go again but maybe when my toddler is older as I feel there’s more for older kids. And I definitely wouldn’t book as many activities up, just go more at our own pace. Glad you had a good time!

  4. We used to live down the road from this Centre Parks and its great. My sister takes her family there most years and her kids are quite varied in age so something for everyone! #FabFridayPost

  5. We’ve never done Center Parks but I think my kids are of an age they’d love it. I know they have a few in France, will have to check them out.

    It must have been so wonderful to see bunnies hopping around as you ate your breakfast, cycling everywhere and whizzing down water slides. Sounds like super fun!

    1. Oh it was and you should give it a try if the chance comes up, it was great, I’m tempted to look at an off peak weekend in the next couple of months.

  6. I haven’t heard of Centre Parcs – the joys of living in America, ha – but, it truly looks like such a blast! An electric bike?! How neat that you were able to land something like that, I’ll bet it was a HUGE help. Big breakfasts are my favorite-like the perfect start to the day! Thanks for sharing <3

  7. We have been to Longleat but found it a bit inconvenient, our lodge was on the other side of the place to the kids activity centre, where we had activities booked in the morning… which started before the land train did! so Daddy and uncle had to take our boy and niece down every day, as nanny couldn’t walk it that fast and I was pregnant at the time! They did love it though. husband and i have been to Elveden several times alone and we love it, we’ll be going back with the boys at some point xx #kcacols
    claire recently posted…How (and why) we got married for less than £1000My Profile

    1. Oh thats a shame, you’re right it is so big. They should make it clearer when booking about the times of starting and the land train.

  8. Wow! it looks so lovely and you did so much there! Everyone tells me that their parks are lovely but I have never stayed in any so far! I am sure at some point we will check it out with Baba. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

    1. Its worth giving it a go to see what you think, we were pretty taken with it. Thanks for you comments, Mainy x

    1. Off peak is not too expensive, if you can find the time. It is so naughty that places still hike the prices so much in the school holidays. Thanks for your comments Mainy:)

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I’m so glad you managed to get a visit in when the prices were less crazy. We’ve been a few times at weekends, but always ‘off’ season. It’s shocking how much they go up in the summer time. Most recently (and the first time with our daughter) we went to the Woburn Center Parcs and it was lovely! #KCACOLS
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