Little G’s Olympic runner…..

…runner bean that is!

Little G has been in the garden again to have a good look at how his runner beans have come along. We’ve managed to do this while watching as much of the olympics as we can see, it’s such an exciting time!

He also wanted to get a good look inside to see what the seeds looked like close up and to harvest them for next year. Our little greenhouse and packets of seeds have produced lots of plants and we have enjoyed our evenings looking at how they have come on.

Little G is inquisitive and loves to get to the bottom of things so wanted to get a good look at what was inside the little green pockets. You can see him in his latest ‘vlog for his mummy’s blog’ below, covered in black AstroTurf from his day at football school. Boys will be boys!

I think his little friend managed a speedy getaway to the finish line of the edge of the lawn while we were looking at the video playback….lucky for him!

Have you any little plants sprouting and of course, have you been enjoying the olympics?

You can also see Little G’s first vlog here to see the start of his green fingered career!

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29 thoughts on “Little G’s Olympic runner…..”

  1. I’m not a gardener, but N did have 3 dwarf beans he grew at afterschool club and brought home. They were doing really well, then we went on hols and forgot to ask the OH to water them. oops. No rain and they’re looking a bit dead. #pocolo

  2. I like the idea of growing things but the execution leaves a lot to be desired! I have a lemon plant at the moment which has survived for 1 month so far….. I give it another 6 weeks! #kcacols

  3. Awww little G is adorable even after a footie game. We have a pygmy Apple tree, some Mint, Lavender, rosemary and some plats I cant put a name to. Oh and we planted a tomato tree that dies awww. So your little one is dong great! Thanks for sharig at the Pit stop!

    1. Thanks Julie, you’ve done well in your garden:) tomatoes seem to take forever! Thanks for your comments, Mainy x

  4. It’s great that your little man is interested in growing plants, I hope they grew well. 🙂 I didn’t watch any of the olympics (we’re not very sporty) but it was nice to see the UK do so well with medals. 🙂
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo (sorry for the late comment).

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