My illicit affair….

My illicit affair….


You’re on my mind so much of the time

But then that’s ok, I created you, you’re mine.

My eyes glaze over when people talk

as I drift my thoughts towards you…

It’s what happens now, it’s what you do.

For you are always here, silent in the background…

I won’t desert you though, you’re a new love I’ve found.

You know I have to be careful, not let you take over, make too much noise

I have my other loves , my family, my man, my boys

I see others online and for a moment I crave

But I come back to you, write some more and then press save

They flash at me and wink

Giving me tips on how to be, sometimes they make me think.

Myrealfairy  post after post, never late…

I’ll take you out, care for you, write and create.

For now I’ll keep you half hidden in your own world wide kingdom

My beautiful blog….


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Thank You Christmas

Christmas – come on then we are here!

We’ve been waiting 12 whole months for you to re-appear

To shower us with festive cheer

To bring those from afar to near.

So how about it dear old Christmas

Can you make us all get on

Make the little ones giggle with the fun

I bet you can you bearded one.

Thank you christmas for visiting us

For giving reason for all this fuss

It brings us close for it’s you we discuss

Whether you come by sleigh, star or bus.

Thank you Christmas for making me think

To appreciate my loves with a wink

You really are more than just a day

You’re a hug, a boost and to you I say Hooray!


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Luxury Candles and Romantic Poetry all wrapped up in one!

I love beautiful smelling candles, they have that relaxing feel about them. Whether it’s walking into an upmarket shop while out and about or lighting one at home when you are about to get into that long awaited bubble bath (without the kids running around), it shouts comfort and tranquility to me.

George Lamptey has gone one step further and has created a luxury range of candles which are set alongside a book of poems called Letters to the Lady.


Luxury Candles and Romantic Poetry all wrapped up in one!

He has developed The Experience Collection which is a range of 3 luxury candles. There are;

  • Beyond Love: Cassis and Rose – Rosey and soft
  • Sweet Honey: Salted Caramel – Rich and warm 
  • Passion: Fig –  Calm and clear

What I loved was the strength of the scent, particularly the salted caramel one, wow it was amazing! If I am going to burn a scented candle then I do want to smell it, that’s why I buy it in the first place. I was not disappointed. As for the burning time, I’ll have to tell you that in a few weeks as it’s a long lasting candle. What I can say is that it is burning evenly so that’s a very good start.

You expect luxury and that is what you get with these candles.

  • Hand made boxes poured with 100% soy wax
  • Non-toxic white cotton wick
  • Best quality fragrance oils
  • Burn Time: 30hrs
  • Free from paraffin and other mineral oils

Luxury Candles and Romantic Poetry all wrapped up in one!

To complete this holistic approach to delivering his message, Letters to the Lady is a collection of over 40 poems which George has written about love, life and landscapes. 2015 saw the launch in Covent Garden and in 2016 he  recorded an album of the entire collection. George is a man of many talents; as an actor, director, writer, poet and businessman he certainly keeps busy with so many creative outlets.

Luxury Candles and Romantic Poetry all wrapped up in one!

The poems follow George through his life filled with his own unique and uplifting take on the path he has taken. There is a poem to touch everyone.


Why buy a candle when you can buy an experience.

George Lamptey

Your chance to win….

I am so delighted to be able to offer a candle of your choice from the range and a signed copy of Letters to the Lady by George Lamptey. An amazing prize! Please enter in the rafflecopter entry below. You can also return each day for more chances of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also see more about George through his social media accounts:

Bumper Giveaways Christmas Gift Guide – Part 3  @lampteylondon


I love poetry and you can also have a look at how I used poetry on my flight back from Germany to calm my nerves down.

#guestpost week featuring Carol from Virtually Allsorts

To bring this #guestpost week to a close this time round we have Carol joining us from Virtually All Sorts

Carol is a published author and blogger  where her themes are wellbeing, writing and parenting.  ‘Wellbeing’ covers yoga, meditation, reiki, crystal healing and positivity.  Carol is very passionate about positive thinking and a firm believer that anything can be turned into a positive.  Her writing covers mainly poetry and flash fiction.  Parenting speaks for itself!

Here’s a poem from her that gives us a glimpse that spring is just around the corner and will give us all a lift.

Another Brick in the Wall

When your garden is dull and really quite small,

You can pretty it up, let’s start with the wall!

You can paint it all over, in one block of red,

Or paint random bricks different colours instead!

You can each take a turn with yellow, red or pink,

Whatever the pattern, it looks great, don’t you think?

It’s a breath of fresh air, it’s a cheerful sight,

On a Summer’s day and an Autumnal night.

It’s brightened our garden, our haven, our place,

To chill our boots and to slow down the pace.


Pop over to see more of Carols great writing on her social media sites:

Twitter: @AllSortsHere

Facebook: VirtuallyAllSorts

Instagram: carol_cameleon

Thank you Carol and thanks to all of the #guestpost week bloggers. It’s been great to host and I look forward to holding more of these fun weeks.

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You can find others in my #guestpost week here here here and here, have a look for a surprise post that you might not normally read. Try something different today!:)

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We are one

I’m so thankful for the life that I have got. I can sit here on my computer enjoying writing on my blog knowing that my boys are tucked up in bed, my OH is downstairs relaxing and watching a movie. I have a lovely life and I’m so pleased. There was a time when it was a little more bumpy, I was on my own and things were tough. This poem shows the journey I took from then until now……

It’s hard to bear these nights alone

I chat and play, tapping my phone

For far too long this inner fight

to stay awake, to shorten the night.

I hope one day the path will clear

I’ll rid myself of the doubt, the fear

The rising sun will warm this heart

Give my ‘self’ the will to start.

It’s all within reach but it won’t be pushed

It surges down that stream, it won’t be shushed

It’s bashed me about, it’s taken its toll

Fate, life, the predefined goal.

And then came the light…..

my two young seeds

My partner in crime

They are all I need.

I  nurture them now

Show them ‘what’ and ‘how’

Take them forth in their youth

Let them seek the truth.

With my man by my side

I think it can be done

We are a family

We are one

The Silence

I have had a sore throat for a few weeks now and have just seen a consultant for it. He thinks that it is a swollen windpipe and suggested a steroid injection would ease it. The thought of having an injection into my neck gave me a small meltdown so I asked if there was anything we could try first. He said that I should not speak at all for at least 2 days and we would see how that went.

I am determined to give this the best shot I can so I can avoid anything invasive. The thing is, like most of us, how on earth am I going to do the 101 things that I normally do…..without speaking!

The kids, my business, talking to everyone I work with to get things done, other mums on the way in and out of school….oh goodness this is going to be tough.

It starts sooner than expected as my other half and the kids – ‘M’ and ‘G’ come and pick me up from my appointment and come bounding into the clinic. I thought I’d put the initial thoughts and the plan we came up with into a poem. I hope you enjoy it.


Mum mum what did they do

Mum mum, please tell us

Mum mum what’s wrong with you

Mum mum we won’t make a fuss


Oh my loves if only I could

I shake my head and mime

I point to my mouth like I should

And am careful to take my time


Oh boys please understand me

Oh boys when I try and say

Please little ones try and see

I can’t speak – at all – for today


We get in the car and I have a plan

It’s simple and to the point

Boys video yourselves, like I know you can

Shout your name – on your own – not joint


Thats right my clever boys

You know what to do

say it loud, make some noise

shoot the clip on my phone,  right through


Then, if I need you I’ll  press play

You’ll hear it wherever you are

and to me you’ll come without delay

To me, if near or far



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The Dimpled Monster Has Struck!

Recently I went on holiday with my mum and children to Spain which you can read about here. It was a great time with 3 generations of our family together and loving each others company.

However, just before I went I fished around in the swimming box that I have at home. This box, stashed on top of the boys wardrobe is where I have my various one piece practical ‘mum’ swimming costumes for when I’m at the pool for their regular swimming lessons each week. This time though I was searching around for my bikini.

I thought I’d give it a quick try on just to make sure that it wasn’t moth eaten or missing a hook an eye here or there. I got it on ok and thought I’d check it out in front of the long mirror in my bedroom. Well…. I was, mortified, heartbroken, fuming, slightly surprised to see that I had not only gained weight but had also gained cellulite and just looked ‘different’.

It was an eye opener to say the least. Over the years we change – children, life events, careers, the misery diet, the happiness spread, sadness, age and health all change us both inside and out. I’m now at a different stage in my life and have to embrace my age and my new body shape. Below is a lighthearted poem loosely based on that moment last week. It’s sentiment for me is humour, life and love.

The Dimpled Monster Has Struck!

It’s been tucked up for months

Proving, doubling in size

Stuffed in jeans

Gobbling down the pies.


It’s been dark, it’s been grey

No one asked it out to play.

So what do you expect

As you stand there in shock

The changing room door

Clearly on ‘lock’.


Did you not know

This bubbling mound

Would be the result

On your waist, all around.


It’s a spell, it’s a curse

Please help! Bring me a nurse!

This bikini has shrunk, surely or worse!

No, wait…..I see it now, I’m so sorry

I must of got it wrong

I needn’t of worried.


 I have to sort this today

This holiday won’t keep

I know what to say

So I call out, not to weep

“Please be a dear and bring me a sarong,

hurry up now as I don’t have too long.”

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My ode to him…My other half

I wrote this poem to the ‘other half’ as we were on a flight recently to Munich to attend a wedding.

If you had read my previous post here about my fear of flying then you’d know how I was getting into a bit of a state. I had so many great and supportive comments on that post, it really did help. Thanks very much:) My ode to him – my other half was born out of fear and love very high up.

I’m not normally the soppy sort but the way that the other half handled my quietness and obvious anxiety was really touching. The hormones must of been raging because at how ever many thousands of feet up on the airbus 319 I found myself expressing my thoughts to him in a poem.


There is no agenda

There is no pretence

We’re together because we want to be,

Together even when I’m tense.


Like now

As we take off

Like now

As I try to hold it down.


He sits here, peaceful, majestic

Not a worry, not a frown.


I love my man to Munich and back

I love him because I can,

He makes it easy to be with him

 He makes me so very calm.


Like now

As he strokes me,

Like now

Gently on my arm.


So, thank you sweetie for being you,

Thank you for ‘us’ too.

You’ve made this trip just fly by

Through doing what you do.


This last parts so very easy babe….

Nothing more to say 

As we alight this huge great craft

‘I love you more each day’




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