Bike rides with the Boys and testing their new Hamswan action camera

The boys and my OH love going for their bike rides whenever possible. We are so lucky to live right by the river and the river paths here are ideal for bikes with plenty of room for both the bikes and people to share quite happily. We also have the New Forest pretty close so there is even more opportunity close by. I had already worked with the lovely Sue on reviewing her companies volume limiting headphones for children here so I was pleased to have a look at their Hamswan action camera. I have been keeping an eye out for something that we could mount on the bikes to get some video footage of the boys on their bike trips.

You can see in the pics below that you don’t just get the camera you get a whole load of accessories for it.

Hamswan action camera www.myrealfairy.comThe list is pretty impressive and the photos below show you the complete package which includes:

Waterproof case, adhesive mounts, spare battery, data USB line, bicycle mount, base mount, adaptors and cable ties.

Hamswan action camera

The waterproof case provided  is waterproof to 98ft (30m) so it can be used for various underwater sports. In addition you have a protective case to protect the camera in wet, dirty or sandy environments. It’s pretty much designed for any environment and it gives peace of mind when you take it out in bad conditions.

Hamswan action camera

You can see on the side here the slots for the data transfer and the slot for the micro SD card where your video and photos will be stored. My tip is to make sure that your SD card is formatted. I wasn’t sure of what this was until the camera showed a ‘custer size wrong please format’ sign showing on the display. With a quick search of what this meant online I found loads of YouTube videos showing how you would do this and in 3 or 4 actions on the laptop I had done mine. It seems that most action cameras need to have this done as each and every video appears with an action camera. Having done that I was then good to go.

Hamswan action camera

It’s got a built in wi-fi mode so we linked our home wi-fi in by following the instruction in the booklet that came with it. It shows up as Hamswan and then it’s easy to connect. You also scan the QR code or search on google for the app.

Now we are not overly techi people, the OH really knows his stuff but I am a fair bit behind him so I just need a camera that I can point, press and it’s done. After reading the instructions and having a bit of a play that’s exactly what this camera can do.

Have a look here at the video that Little G did for the blog. As regular readers will know, Little G is my youngest son and is involved with the blog by ‘vlogging for his mums blog’, enjoy….

You can visit Hamswan on their Facebook page here I’m really pleased with the camera and am glad that I’ve got something to take away on holiday with us and hopefully get some footage that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to get.

If you are interested in buying one then you can through amazon here: Hamswan action camera They are currently on sale for just £54.99.

action camera


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action camera

I was kindly sent one of these action cameras to review. The review is honest and exactly what we experienced with the camera.

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10 thoughts on “Bike rides with the Boys and testing their new Hamswan action camera”

  1. How fun to pop a camera on the bike and see the adventures you have when out and about with them. I really need to teach my four year old to ride his bike and maybe something like this would make the experience a little bit more fun for him 🙂 #SundayBest

    1. It’s certainly an eye opener to see the footage when we get home, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment, Mainy

  2. Everyone is always raving about the gopro but it’s so expensive! This one looks pretty awesome and even though I’m not 100% on the conversion of £ to $ (something like double, I think?), it’s still a much more affordable actionable camera 🙂 I’m not the most techy-mom either but I should tell Hubby to look into this one! (He’s a research addict)

    1. Yeah it’s worked for us and even my son who’s only 11 was raving about the price!:) thanks for stopping by and commenting:)

  3. I love how your son gets involved with the blog! super cute! I cant wait til Ben gets old enough to ride a bike – gives me an excuse to show him how terrible i am at it hahah! Thank you for linking up to #TriumphantTales, I hope to see you again on tuesday!

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