About us….

Welcome to myrealfairy.com…..

Hi, I’m Mainy, I launched this site in February 2016 in order to follow my dream of connecting with like minded people, that is, people who use the blogging world to connect with others, share their stories and to communicate about a vast array of topics. I blog to relax and my site isn’t here to take anything too seriously, it’s my time to enjoy writing and hear from others, hopefully to have a giggle or two along the way.

This site is a family affair and is a personal extension of our philosophy in life, anything goes as long as it stays within the bounds of being relatively decent! You’ll see posts from the grown ups, the children and from friends. I’m a 40 something mum with a wonderful partner and 2 very boisterous boys living on the south coast of England.

myrealfairy.com is essentially a lifestyle blog, BUT with a difference! We embrace the mystical, quirky, literary and yep, you guessed it… the fairy-like!

It’s been a long and amazing journey to get to this point and we are delighted that so many people have been guiding and supporting us to make this happen…..and now you are here! Thank you!!

All your comments and thoughts will be greatly appreciated, make this your site too, you’re special!