When Mainy met Piers …well…sort of….

….well not really at all! However there is a little story I’d like to share with you……. Yesterday I had a slightly different thing happen to cut through the day-to-day school run, work type of thing. I got retweeted by Piers Morgan …not the biggest thing to happen I agree but to me it added some excitement, a bit of a laugh and certainly an eye-opening experience to my day.

Here’s what happened…. I like to watch Piers and Susanna on Good Morning Britain in the morning as I think  the whole ‘thing’ they have going on is pretty compelling and takes me back to the type of chemistry of Johnny and Denise on the channel 4 Big Breakfast sofa years ago (too early for some and a throw back memory for others). To be fair I think the whole team has a good balance and it suits me to have it on while I’m doing all the things I need to do to get the family ready for the day ahead. Yeah it’s sort of yelling, telling the boys to hurry up and putting my make-up on in the dark with normally tango faced horror results….normal stuff.

So, later in the day while I was scrolling through my phone, after work and waiting for my car to get sorted I came across a link to an article. It was about how Ewan McGregor had left the GMB studios where he was scheduled to be interviewed by Piers and Susanna because he found out it would be Piers interviewing him. Now apparently he then left because he disagreed with some comments Piers had made about a recent rally in America where people had flooded the streets of Washington in protest to the Trump administration. This link then took me to an article Piers had written in the daily mail in response to this.

Now, by this time I am stressing in the garage because the kids are due to come out of school in 20 mins and the garage I’m in is 15 mins away from there and my car is nowhere to be seen. I had already given the receptionist the story of how I needed the car quickly because of the kids etc but nevertheless the car is not there. I decided to read this one article so that I could divert my stress and give them another couple of minutes to produce my car and set me on my way. The article was really pretty good, a little direct and clearly taking a swipe at Ewan McGregor but it was direct and made some good points about pointing the finger and being able to debate if you feel strongly about something. It also made me smile in the ‘oh my goodness this will set the cat amongst the pigeons’ sort of way. So, because I enjoyed it I tweeted it and tagged Piers Morgan in –  just because I felt like it at the time.

I then leapt up and made another plea for my car which by sods law was being driven round to greet me just as I was starting to huff and puff at the receptionist. I didn’t think anything of the earlier tweet until I stopped outside school, amazingly still having a couple of minutes to spare and checked my phone. To my surprise Piers Morgan had decided to retweet my tweet! Now bearing in mind he has over 5 million followers it has the potential to get quite a bit of coverage. I smiled at that and though it would be a good story to tell the boys when they came out of school, a little bit of fun to add to the ‘what we all did today’ stories that we fill up our home run with.

Piers Morgan www.myrealfairy.com
When we got home I had another quick little look and realised that there were a few comments coming through that were OK and people were retweeting  which  was ok but I started to see that some were being really rude and offensive. I just stood there and was really taken aback. What was strange was the strength of either love or hate towards Piers Morgan and now me by association. Any real message was getting lost, pushed aside by people’s twitter relationship with the man himself.

When I wrote “Great and interesting read, spend 5 minutes and have a look” In my naive head I meant just that, that I thought it was interesting and  because it had fitted right in with the 5 minutes I had I tweeted words to that effect. No more – No less.

What people seemed to read into that was…. 1. I think everything Piers Morgan says is true. 2. I agree with everything Piers Morgan has said, did say and will ever say, whenever that may be. 3. I’m an awful person for reading anything that he writes.

Such an eye opener because shock, horror but I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me and I’m sure that there would be many things to disagree on. Exactly the same as my own nearest and dearest to me have different views which we can all talk about and get an understanding of even if we don’t agree.

What I did learn from this merest of delicate brushes with the wider twitter world outside of my cosseted blogger circle? Well, First and foremost I learnt that I need to think before I tweet. Secondly there are loads of people just waiting to pounce and shout their views, however mean or bitchy they come across they seem to revel in that outlet. But thirdly….. and on the flip side – look at this photo!!!

Piers Morgan www.myrealfairy.com

The one and only time I’ll see stats like that! Now it’s back to the world of being happy with 3 retweets for me!

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caketoppers review, giveaway and discount code.

I love cake and I love personalised gifts too so personalised cakes are perfect for me. I was so happy when the opportunity came up to work with caketoppers in reviewing their wonderful cupcakes and to be able to offer my readers not one but two amazing offers. We have a fab 10% discount code below and a giveaway where you can win 9 love heart cupcakes (RRP £17.49) In addition – my review gives you the chance to see the type of quality and service you can expect from caketoppers.

www.myrealfairy.com caketoppers review

I was so pleased with how the picture of my boys came out on the cakes. It was a lovely moment when they picked them up and were grinning away so happy with seeing themselves on the top of these lovely treats. I think that they were quite surprised that I then said they could eat them…it was a good day in the myrealfairy household!

The cupcakes are packaged really well which minimises the chance of any damage to the cakes and ours were perfect when they arrived. You can have next day delivery if you order by 2pm for weekday deliveries or by 12 noon on a friday for a saturday delivery. This is great if you are doing something a bit last minute because of all the other things you have going on. They come with a full storage instructions and full ingredients with allergenic ingredients in bold.

They are super friendly at caketoppers and you can contact them to talk about any special requirements.

I have got a great 10% discount for all of my readers, just quote the code MRF10 when ordering.

www.myrealfairy.com caketoppers review

The cupcakes were really delicious and I was lucky to get a taste as the boys didn’t really want to share as they were enjoying them so much! caketoppers guarantee them to stay fresh for us to 5 days but say that they often keep for much longer. The icing is great tasting too and has a thick and creamy texture.

Now for your chance to win a box of 9 love heart cupcakes like these ones pictured here using the rafflecopter entry form below.

www.myrealfairy.com caketoppers review

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway open to UK entrants only. Full guidance on my giveaways can be found on my contact us page.

If you would like to see more of their super products then please pop along and say hi at their social media sites:

Facebook: caketoppers

Twitter: @caketoppersltd

Instagram: Caketoppersltd

www.myrealfairy.com caketoppers review

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Garçon Wines are nearly here!

I really wanted to let you know about a great new subscription service that will deliver wine through your letterbox – no I haven’t been on the wine before writing this, it’s true…wine through your letterbox!

The service offers a selection of wines and Garçon Wines aims to revolutionise the way wine lovers across the UK source their favourite tipple!

Garçon Wines are going to be the next big thing. They have identified and removed the problems of missed deliveries, depot collection cards and having to wait in for hours on end for a courier.

By creating a unique alternative to traditional wine bottles, which are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but are also designed to fit through a conventional letterbox, the brand is opening up a refreshing new way to have wine delivered at home.

There will be more to come from me shortly when I hope to be able to offer you some tasters!! Stay tuned and check back soon….


garcon wines www.myrealfairy.com

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EasySMX Headphones Review and Discount Code

As a mum with children who use their various devices to listen to music and watch films, I have tried a couple of different headphones to see which suit them best. I was pleased to be able to review these EasySMX headphones to see how they shaped up. One of the best features of these headphones is that they have a built-in volume limiting feature to protect your kids’ hearing. The volume is pre limited to a maximum 85DB. This feature along with safe practices by the adults i.e. limiting time spent on devices can have a huge benefit for children’s hearing.

kids headphones www.myrealfairy.com


kids headphones www.myrealfairy.comI loved the fact that they have the padded ear covers so they are protecting the little ones ears. They were shipped straight from amazon and were well packed and arrived without any dents or scrapes and I got next day delivery too so there wasn’t any waiting around.
kids headphones www.myrealfairy.com

As you can see here the recommended age is 3-12 and I had the willing assistant of my eldest son big M who has just turned 11 to try them out.

kids headphones www.myrealfairy.com

When we opened them up his first words were ‘oh cool!’ so that was music to my ears as I find that my boys are very sure of what they like and what they don’t like.

kids headphones www.myrealfairy.com

The jack which fits into the devices is 3.5mm which means it fits into most things, for example, ours fits into the mini iPad, iPad and kindle.

kids headphones www.myrealfairy.com

I have a great discount of 15% off a pair of these headphones in either pink or blue. Just follow the link by clicking here which will take you to the website and click buy on amazon where you can then enter your code which is: 490023OF

kids headphones www.myrealfairy.com

I am pleased to say they were a great success and big M soon zoned me out and carried on with watching his movie with his new headphones on. I can rest easy knowing that he cannot blast the sound up too high.

kids headphones www.myrealfairy.com

You can find out more and keep updated on their latest products by connecting to them at:-

Facebook: EasySMX

Twitter: @EasySMXofficial

Instagram: easysmx_official

I’d love to know your thoughts after seeing these. Please let me know in the comments section below.

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I was given one set of headphones for the purpose of this review, there are no affiliated links with this post and all views are mine and big M’s 🙂

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How to time manage your way back to happiness

Sounds like a bold statement doesn’t it, surely time management will be a tricky creature to tame!? Well it is, but there is some hope to be able to achieve this……

I started blogging to have an escape and hobby away from my job and the normal stresses that having my chosen career brought my way. Never in a million years did I realise how time-consuming blogging would be. However, for me at least, it is not stressful at all and thankfully it is amazingly relaxing and enjoyable. So even though it’s a great relaxer, it does mean that there are even more things on my plate.

Whether you’re a parent, blogger, career person, stay at home parent, student, none, or a mixture of all of those labels, I bet you all have times when you’ve been juggling loads of tasks and you feel at bursting point.

I have been on quite a few time management workshops over the years to glean a basic understanding of what I should be doing to ease things up with my workload. That doesn’t mean that I always get it right but I do have a couple of tips that you may well find useful.

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Plan Plan Plan – then when the unexpected jumps out at you, which it normally does, you’ve got some idea of where you were in the day before it all went crazy.

Have ‘thinking’ time – time taken at any point during the day that you can just think about what needs to be done and try to put it into some sort of order. Write in a journal if it helps, or on your phone, whatever you use for jotting things down.

When people offer help, say yes! It can be a big hurdle to overcome but generally when people offer then they mean it. Say yes once in a while and feel the difference it can have on you.

My favourite and the one which has the biggest positive effect on me is….Whether it’s bills, kids letters home from school, letters at home…..touch them only once! Try and carry out all the necessary action with it. It may be to book the dentist appointment or phone in the electric reading. Get it sorted out, then file or bin it. This is by far my biggest time saver and also the one that needs the most willpower to succeed.

Finally, remember – You’re not superhuman, you can rest! Ease up on yourself and celebrate what you have achieved.

There is always tomorrow….

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Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

What does your fairy form look like?

While I was writing a piece this morning I was attaching a picture when my son squealed that the picture looked like me as a fairy!

Not only was this very flattering, I also think it was through those gorgeous rose tinted glasses that only your children could have. The exuberance of youth is wonderful.

This got me thinking about what forms our fairy avatars would take. It’s a fun little game that you can do and have a little bit of fairy tale fantasy to break up your day. How would you look and what would you do if you were a fairy for a day?  I would really love to hear from you to see what form yours takes.

Comment here or tweet me @myrealfairy using the #fairyform hashtag to join in. You may already be very clear on how your fairy looks or this may get you thinking and creating, either way, enjoy and I can’t wait to see and hear from you ✨

www.myrealfairy.com fairy


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