The Big Garden Camp Out

Where a drop of rain turns into a torrential downpour….where a little gust of wind turns into a tornado threatening to blow you away and where a rustling in the bushes turns into Shere Khan approaching……Those are the imaginative thoughts of a very excited 10 and 7 year old about to camp out…

My other half arrived home with a tent the other day which he had borrowed from a work colleague. The boys had never camped outside in a tent and he decided that now was the time to change that…..

Each year since the boys were little we have always had an annual holiday in a caravan or static mobile home at a camping village. Even though we have done this the boys have never actually camped outside in a tent. I wasn’t aware of this but it had obviously been going through my other halfs head and this is what resulted in him returning home from the office with a two-man tent under his arm and a grin on his face!

When I asked my other half what he was thinking, he said  that he was honoured to introduce the boys to the excitement of back garden camping!
I could almost hear the beating of fists on chest as he said it!

The scene at my house – fact!

The boys were beside themselves with excitement and it was one of those moments you want to bottle so that you never forget the scent of those great family moments. They kinda help when you have those days when you’re left pulling your hair out and exhausted when it hasn’t all gone as planned!

The preparations are underway for the big night.

Big M looks happy with the result!

So off they went into the garden around 9pm and I didn’t see them until Big M came into my room in the morning around 8am buzzing about the night outside, he was so chuffed. It was wonderful! The night went without a hitch. I’m amazed that they slept at all considering the ground is beaten down to hard earth where the boys play football, there’s hardly a blade of grass to be seen.

The next night it was pouring with rain so Little G couldn’t go and do the same but had to contain his excitement for a further 24hrs which isn’t particularly easy for him, but he managed brilliantly. The night came round for him to make his leap into camping firsts and just before he goes outside….his wobbly tooth comes out – talk about timing!! We decided to put the tooth under his pillow in his room as we agreed that the tooth fairy might get confused if it wasn’t there and not know where he was!

Little G ready for the challenge!!

Once again off they trotted and this time I was more concerned that he might want to come back in or that at some point the dark might spook him. There was nothing to worry about, the boys are growing up and my other half is guiding them in ways that are helping them to become rounded individuals. Little G, like his brother, came running into me in the morning, bouncing on the bed raving about his night out.

The biggest excitement was being allowed to wee in a bucket in the middle of the night…even though the house is only 20 steps away!! Men!! I can’t wait until that little gem comes out in the middle of the supermarket!


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We are one

I’m so thankful for the life that I have got. I can sit here on my computer enjoying writing on my blog knowing that my boys are tucked up in bed, my OH is downstairs relaxing and watching a movie. I have a lovely life and I’m so pleased. There was a time when it was a little more bumpy, I was on my own and things were tough. This poem shows the journey I took from then until now……

It’s hard to bear these nights alone

I chat and play, tapping my phone

For far too long this inner fight

to stay awake, to shorten the night.

I hope one day the path will clear

I’ll rid myself of the doubt, the fear

The rising sun will warm this heart

Give my ‘self’ the will to start.

It’s all within reach but it won’t be pushed

It surges down that stream, it won’t be shushed

It’s bashed me about, it’s taken its toll

Fate, life, the predefined goal.

And then came the light…..

my two young seeds

My partner in crime

They are all I need.

I  nurture them now

Show them ‘what’ and ‘how’

Take them forth in their youth

Let them seek the truth.

With my man by my side

I think it can be done

We are a family

We are one

Little G’s Olympic runner…..

…runner bean that is!

Little G has been in the garden again to have a good look at how his runner beans have come along. We’ve managed to do this while watching as much of the olympics as we can see, it’s such an exciting time!

He also wanted to get a good look inside to see what the seeds looked like close up and to harvest them for next year. Our little greenhouse and packets of seeds have produced lots of plants and we have enjoyed our evenings looking at how they have come on.

Little G is inquisitive and loves to get to the bottom of things so wanted to get a good look at what was inside the little green pockets. You can see him in his latest ‘vlog for his mummy’s blog’ below, covered in black AstroTurf from his day at football school. Boys will be boys!

I think his little friend managed a speedy getaway to the finish line of the edge of the lawn while we were looking at the video playback….lucky for him!

Have you any little plants sprouting and of course, have you been enjoying the olympics?

You can also see Little G’s first vlog here to see the start of his green fingered career!

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Behind The Scenes Blogging Tag

I love a chance to get to know my fellow bloggers better and have been thinking about how to offer some insights into my own blogging journey. When I saw the lovely frenchiemummy post, I put myself forward and was tagged into the ‘Behind the Scenes Blogging Tag’.  This is a great tag to be able to share some of those little known facts about ourselves.

So here goes, a little soul bearing from me…..Mainy x

Where do you blog?

I do the majority of my writing sat on my sofa in the conservatory if I get any time during the day, or in my lovely comfy cosy bed once the kids are asleep.

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

Alot of my posts have come from my experiences throughout a normal day and have just poured from me at the time. The best example of this was ode to him which was written on scrap of paper from my bag while being scared stiff on a plane.

How long does it take you to write your blog posts?

It depends if it’s a post like the one mentioned above or it’s a research based post such a my seahorse one which took a couple of weeks. It’s the editing which gets me. I tend to overthink it once it’s finished and I am working on myself to lighten up a bit and press ‘publish’ a bit easier!

Do you plan your blog posts? How?

I plan the structure of my posts as much as possible and I try to post once a week. More than that is normally just too much for me to co-ordinate and still remain able to see to everything else.

What kind of camera do you use?  What editing programme?

I only use the camera on my iphone. I haven’t got a specific photo editing programme…maybe I should!

Do you use a notebook to track your ideas?

When I first started I did but now I put thoughts straight down in a draft post page through my phone as I’ve usually got that with me. Sometimes they sit in the draft section for a while but it’s lovely to have the seeds of posts there waiting for the right time to develop them a bit more.

How do you take your pictures?

Point, shoot and take about 3 times as many photos of a single thing that I actually need. I’m like most normal mums, I have a million pictures of my kids and a few selfies on my phone.

What’s your favourite type of blog post to write?

The ones I don’t have to think about too much because the words are spilling out of me. I never thought that I would be able to say that or that it even happened to people. It’s a pretty good feeling.

Who knows about your blog?

I love this question because the more I immerse myself in the blogging world, the more I realise that there are alot of people like me who don’t publicise the fact they have a blog with people in some areas of their life. I have told my immediate family and close friends but have kept it back from all areas of my work and business. I see blogging as a relaxation part of me, the last thing I would want to see within my space is anything that takes me into work mode.

Are you an organised or messy blogger?

When I post a piece, then at that moment I’m organised and focused. I know how, when or if I want to publicise it……then I see the twitter messages of all the great linkies that I love and I go into scatty mode – reacting to all the great opportunities out there to have people see what I’ve written. It’s crazy, fun and exhilarating…I love it!

Biggest blogging pet peeve?

I can honestly say that at the moment I don’t have one. I have only been blogging a relatively short time – since feb 2016 – and as I’m learning so much and virtually meeting so many great people, the shine hasn’t worn off and things which may annoy me in a years time haven’t presented themselves as yet:)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little insight, it was great to share.

If you would like to be part of this tag then please just tag in. If you would like to tweet me or comment and I’ll tag you in then that works too, whatever suits you, it’s an open tag.

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Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday





Is it just me?

Do you ever wonder if the bizarre, naughty or plain un-mummy things you think of are just you….I do!

Well here’s my confession….I don’t enjoy the responsibility all of the time.


1st disclaimer – if you’ve ever pursed your lips and tutted at someone who’s being un-mummyish then please don’t read on…. I need to have this vent.

I mean, I look at a lot of people and they seem to ‘cope’. Not only cope but even seem to enjoy being around their children all the time and doing mum stuff. One of the reasons I came off Facebook was because I couldn’t bear being mummy shamed by people looking relaxed and joyfully baking with their lovely little darlings, not just highdays and holidays, but regular as clockwork. Also making things and posting photos that show smiling clean children who look like they actually appreciate the perfectly turned out mum or dad next to them.

Here are a few of my sins:

I clock watch for when it’s time the kids have to go to bed. I also get a little excited as I look forward to it. My eyes flit from the bottle of wine, to the snack cupboard to my iPad, all gently purring my name in a frequency no one else in the house can hear.

I would rather not read a children’s story book all the way through at bedtime, I’m tired at 8 myself! The afore mentioned chorus of goodies downstairs is deafening to my ears by this point. I want my children to read well and I want to celebrate with them…just earlier in the evening.

I’d like to spend more time and money on grown up stuff like make-up and clothes. Instead I blow it on boys toys, classes and kids ‘stuff’. I spend time on my bits, I just need to balance it out a bit more.

I don’t particularly enjoy having their friends round, only because I find it stressful. Their friends are great – it’s me! What if they get hurt, fall out with each other or hear me swear under my breath as I stub my toe and then they repeat on a loop, steadily driving me into anxiety overload. Or worse, after having a successful couple of hours, burst into tears as soon as their parents arrive. It happens! I don’t know why, but it’s a kids phenomenon, they do it to torment adults.

Sometimes I just don’t get it – I don’t understand the rules of parenting, I forget that children are immature, yeah doh! I find myself standing in the middle of a room trying to reason with two boys who just want to tease, argue, play and do their own thing without mature interruption.

Finally, I’d like to be strong enough to actually follow through, just once, with whatever I’ve threatened to take away ‘by the time I count to three!’ Even my eldest at 10 has said that I don’t ever do it. So I’m inconsistent now and freak out at the small stuff.

2nd Disclaimer: Of course I love my kids! Of course I wouldn’t change a bloomin thing and of course my kids are my world. They fill me to bursting point with love and make me boil over with a loyalty to protect them.

But this parenting lark can be bloomin hard and sometimes I need to let off steam! Away from the kids, into my own little space. Sometimes it’s good to shout from the rooftops or into blogging world that it’s tough – without having to apologise or justify… least not too much;)

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