App Review – WordPack

I love to blog and talk about products or ideas that really work for me and my family, this little gem fits into that niche a treat.

Its a word compilation app which forms your special phrases or words together in different shapes. This app is so easy to use that you can craft smart looking pictures in a few minutes. At Christmas I made a heart shaped design with all the family names within, popped it in a frame and within 10 minutes had a wonderful Christmas present made for my partner, perfect!

The app was really easy to work through which was a bonus for me as my attention span is pretty short. I like quick easy apps that almost shout out the steps you need to take and then just about read your mind to complete it for you.

Children from 5 or 6 onwards would have no problem with it. You can easily have an afternoon with younger ones whipping up and making gifts for very little expense.

So, getting on to how this app works….It has just 3 steps…

Step One – Input your text.

Pretty easy, here I’ve added the word Fairy in lots of different languages using google translate.

Step Two – Pick the shape, text style and colour palette you’d like to go with.

There’s loads of different shapes, I used a mushroom one here and a fair amount of colour themes which actually work really well together. In addition to the family Christmas design, I also sent a cute get well soon heart filled one to my partner which he loved.

Step Three – It’s created! You can then quickly and easily send using the share icon…or just print.

You can share using Camera, Email, Facebook or Twitter. I use it on my iPad mini and it works well.

I contacted the developer, Alex Tataurov and said that I would like to review the app for my blog. He asked if I would put a link to where it can be purchased on the App Store. I had a check today and it’s currently £0.79 ($0.99)and it looks like this Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 08.25.10

The link is:

There are quite a few apps professing to do a similar job. If you like pretty instant gratification then, in my opinion, this is one of the better ones to consider. See what you think, I’d love to hear.

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5 Reasons I Believe In Fairies…..

  1. Waking up in the morning when there is sunshine shining through the window and my little boy is stood smiling at me.
  2. The toast doesn’t always fall butter side down.
  3. When I’ve gone for a walk really early, the fairy door under the tree is sometimes left ajar.
  4. I’ve been assured that the broken window in the shed was certainly not caused by the football.
  5. Because fairy dust has to come from somewhere!


App Review

We are hoping to bring you our latest review soon, it’s one of the coolest word picture apps we’ve seen. 

I have contacted the designer to see what they thought about our little blog discussing their work. Normally we think people would be pleased to have their items reviewed and I’m hoping this will be the same. I think it’s nice to ask.

Some kind of sixth sense made me email them, here’s hoping it’s the start of a good working relationship. 

Here at fairy HQ we don’t review for payment, we’re independent and honest little fairies.

Keep your eyes peeled and we’ll keep checking the emails.